Sanford Biggers

Brendan Fernandes

Dan Gunn

Sheree Hovsepian

Rashid Johnson

  • Site-specific installation, Monument at VCU’S Institute for Contemporary Art in Richmond, thru July 7, 2019.

Jason Middlebrook

Ebony G. Patterson

Cheryl Pope

  • Group exhibition,waiting for a sign, Hyndman Gallery at Lubeznik Center for the Arts, open thru January 12.

  • Group exhibition Bad News at Ralph Arnold Gallery, Loyola University, open thru November 16.

Joel Ross

Carrie Schneider

  • Group exhibition Personal Space, open thru March 2019 at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

  • Solo exhibition, Moon Drawings, reviewed in Newcity.

Amy Sherald

Jeff Sonhouse