EXPO Chicago, September 19 – 22

Independent New York, March 7-10
Sanford Biggers, Abigail DeVille, Genevieve Gaignard, Rashid Johnson, Amy Sherald, Jeff Sonhouse, Nate Young


EXPO Chicago, September 27-30
Sanford Biggers, Brendan Fernandes, Sheree Hovsepian, Ebony G. Patterson, Cheryl Pope, Carrie Schneider, Jeff Sonhouse, Nate Young

UNTITLED San Francisco, January 12 -14
Brendan Fernandes, Sheree Hovsepian, Ben Murray, Nate Young



UNTITLED Miami, December 6-10
Ebony G. Patterson, Carrie Schneider, Amy Sherald

EXPO Chicago, September 13-17
Sanford Biggers, Kendell Carter, Brendan Fernandes, Dan Gunn, Sheree Hovsepian, Kate Levant, Ben Murray, Ebony G. Patterson, Cheryl Pope, Karen Reimer, Joel Ross, Nate Young

UNTITLED San Francisco, January 13-15
Sanford Biggers, Brendan Fernandes, Ebony G. Patterson, Nate Young



UNTITLED Miami, November 30-December 4
Sanford Biggers and Ebony G. Patterson

Artissima Italy, November 4-6
Sanford Biggers, Kate Levant, Nate Young

EXPO Chicago, September 22-55
Sanford Biggers, Abigail DeVille, Dan Gunn, Rashid Johnson, Ebony G. Patterson,
Cheryl Pope, Carlos Rolón/Dzine, Joel Ross, Amy Sherald, Nate Young



UNTITLED Miami, December 2-6
Sheree Hovsepian and Nate Young

Artissima Italy, November 6-8
Nate Young

EXPO Chicago, September 17-20
Sanford Biggers, Dan Gunn, Sheree Hovsepian, Kate Levant,
Jason Middlebrook, Ben Murray, Ebony G. Patterson,
Cheryl Pope, Karen Reimer, Carrie Schneider, Nate Young

The Armory Show, March 5-8
Carol Jackson and Ben Murray



UNTITLED Miami, December 3-7
Ebony G. Patterson

EXPO Chicago, September 18-21
Sheree Hovsepian and Jason Middlebrook

The Armory Show, March 6-9
Carrie Schneider

Art Los Angeles Contemporary, January 30-February 2
Kendell Carter



UNTITLED Miami, December 4-9
Kendell Carter, Ebony G. Patterson, Cheryl Pope

EXPO Chicago, September 19-22
Dan Gunn and Sanford Biggers

ArtPad SF, May 16-19
Kendell Carter, Ebony G. Patterson, Carrie Schneider

Art Brussels, April 18-21
Dan Gunn, Sheree Hovsepian, and Karen Reimer

The Armory Show, March 7-10
Centennial Edition, Focus: USA, Kendell Carter, Joel Ross, Type A

Art Los Angeles Contemporary, January 24-27
Dan Gunn



UNTITLED Miami, December 5-9
Justin Cooper, Sheree Hovsepian, and Ebony G. Patterson

The Armory Show, March 8-11
Robert Davis / Michael Langlois and Sheree Hovsepian



(e)merge art fair DC, September 22-25

Ebony G. Patterson and Kendell Carter

NADA Hudson, July 30-31
Justin Cooper and Jason Middlebrook

Dallas Art Fair, April 8-10
Justin Cooper, Jason Middlebrook, Joel Ross and Dan Gunn



Basel VOLTA , June 16-20
Solo project by Justin Cooper

New York VOLTA, March 4-7
Solo project by Carrie Schneider



Miami NADA , December 3-7
Justin Cooper, Rashid Johnson, Joel Ross



Miami PULSE, December 3-7

Solo project by Kendell Carter

Basel Balelatina, June 3-8
Solo project by Carla Arocha and Stephane Schraenen

Art Chicago, April 25-28

New York PULSE, March 27-30



Miami PULSE, December 5-9
Carla Arocha & Stéphane Schraenen and Rashid Johnson

London PULSE, October 11-14

New York PULSE, February 22-25


Miami PULSE, December 7-10

London YEAR06, October 12-15

Preview Berlin, September 29-Oct 3

New York PULSE, February 6-9

ARCO Madrid, February 9-13



Miami PULSE, December 1-4

Preview Berlin, September 29-Oct 3

Basel LISTE, June 13-19



Basel LISTE, June 15-20
Solo project by Rashid Johnson

Art Chicago Invitational, May 7-10

ARCO Madrid, February 12-16
Solo project by Dzine, curated by Peter Doroshenko



Miami NADA, December 4-7

Basel LISTE, June 17-22

Art Chicago Invitational, May 9-12

ARCO Madrid, February 1-18
“Up-and-coming” booth, curated by Victor Zamudio-Taylor



Artissima Italy, November 14-17

Chicago Stray Art Fair, December 13-15

San Francisco International Art Expo, January 17-21



Fast FWD Miami, December 14-16

Chicago Stray Art Fair, December 7-9

Art Miami, January 18-22
Solo project with Carla Arocha curated by Jesus Fuenmayor