…Which’s Ploying the Fans

September 15 - October 29, 2016

Installation Views

  • Nacre’ous Composite Vivisection, 2016, Aluminum foil, aerosol adhesive, drafting paper, silicone discs, plastic laminate, rubber-based ink monoprint, oil based polyurethane, nylon spinnaker sail, and aerosol enamel on paper, 70 x 77 inches

  • A Rubbing of Iridescent Must, 2016, Graphite, Sicilian mold, plastic laminate, aerosol enamel on vinyl, 16 x 9 ½ inches

  • Cane’ic loop’Evasive Dominance, 2016, Aluminum foil, paper, aerosol adhesive, oil-based polyurethane, graphite, Nellcor Maxa SPo2 adhesive sensor, drafting paper, on nylon spinnaker sail, 92 x 42 x 4 inches

  • [a ~ploy~] Broomstick’s Bamboo’d’Stick, 2016, Tape, hemp rope, plastic, misc. hardware, and a broomstick, 47 ½ x 5 x 2 inches

  • an Affair, 2016, Graphite, drafting paper, plastic laminate, rubber-based ink monoprint on nylon spinnaker sail, 18 ½ x 12 inches

  • [a ~ploy~] Propel’dChloe Platform Failure, Trans’for Asiatic, 2016, Gorgonia ventalina octocoral, left wedge platform shoe, melamine chopsticks, steel wire, solder, misc. metal hardware on plastic, 63 x 17 x 4 inches

  • Nacre’ous 00cellum, 2016, Aluminum foil, aerosol adhesive, graphite, plastic laminate, nylon spinnaker sail, ink and oil-based polyurethane on paper, 63 ½ x 54 inches

  • [a ~ploy~] Broomstick’s Periostracic Transitional Device_lead_Verdant Ventalina’d Ventilatorr, 2016, Rubber-based ink monoprint on nylon spinnaker sail, electrical tape, gorgonia ventalina octocoral, steel wire, solder, and melamine chopsticks. Foil, aerosol adhesive, polyurethane, aerosol enamel, rubber tubing, wood rungs, steel wire, solder, misc. metal hardware, melamine chopsticks, and a broomstick, 82 x 47 x 12 inches

  • Witches Ploying the Fans, 2016, Rubber-based ink monoprint, gorgonia ventalina octocoral, synthetic window screening, canvas and thread on nylon spinnaker sail, 20 x 50 ½ inches

  • Ocular Mobile, 2016, Broken lock, steel wire, sodder, silver leaf, broken platform shoe buckle, aerosol enamel, crazy glue, 21 x 5 x 4 inches

  • Blac’ Rhino Propellation, 2016, Rubber-based ink monoprint and thread on nylon spinnaker sail, 19 ½ x 24 ½ inches